An IoT development kits based on the Azure platform jointly developed by MXCHIP and the Microsoft Development Platform Division.

The development kit provides an out-of-the-box smart hardware solution that is compatible with the Arduino platform. With rich peripherals and sensors, it can be used for prototype development of IoT and intelligent hardware, which is convenient for verifying users' software and functions, enabling products to connect to Azure cloud service platform and mobile phone quickly and securely, shortening development cycle and helping the product quickly reach the market.

Main control unit of AZ3166 is EMW3166-a low power consumption Wi-Fi module developed by MXCHIP.With DAP Link emulator and 128×64 OLED and other resources such as LED light.The development kit has audio processing unit to connect to Azure for vioce recognition and voice play.Others include sensors and extended interface.


Schematic diagram download:Schematic diagram link


Main control unit of AZ3166 is EMW3166-a low power

EMW3166 Wifi module with 256K SRAM,1M+2M Byte SPI Flash

DAP Link emulator


3.3V DC-DC,maximum current 1.5A

Codec,with ,microphone and earphone socket


2 user button

1 RGB light

3 working status indicator

Security encryption chip

Infrared emitter

Motion sensor

Magnetometer sensor

Atmospheric pressure sensor

Temperature and humidity sensor

Connecting finger extension interface




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